Untrasonic carb cleaning service.

In the past, cleaning a carborettor would have involved cleaning fluid and sprays, a blast from an airline, and hope for the best!

Times and technology have moved on. The only way of properly cleaning is with a strip and ulrtasonic clean. This loosens and removes dirt and deposits 

that cannot be reached any other way, and greatly affect the running of the bike. 

Our ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful industrial cleaner, large enough to take a bank of six carborettors. And in this instance - SIZE MATTERS!

It's not just about the physical size of the cleaning bath, although spacing components out properly helps the cleaning process. But the important thing is the number of transducers in the cleaner, which create the ultrasonic cleaning effect.

Service available by mail order, or we can remove your carbs in our workshop.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

BEFORE CLEANING                                      AFTER CLEANING